Coordinate local designers/firms to create infographic-style “this is how this works” campaign to make available to all citizens in specific city/metro/town/states or for the entire US of A.

Rough Overview:

Many people just don’t understand the process. Confusion acts as a barrier to people we thing would normally get it. Example: what’s the difference between a primary and a caucus? Does my city/state participate in both? How does my city operate? Do I have a weak or strong mayor? How does my city council work … GO(t)V Flash Cards would help tear down the barriers to voting through a widespread effort to easily educate the masses so they get involved with their local, state and federal elections.

  • Government-Get-Out-the-Vote flash cards – explain local, state, national politics using pictures : explaining the complexities through simple infographics
  • Can pair cities with similar city governments together to share resources/material
  • Can pair states with similar governments together to resources/material
  • Create printed decks that are city grouped / styled … make available for free to download online like “Cards Against Humanity” : these are updated with new infographics, etc like the CAH decks …
  • Find writers, infographic designers, printers, paper companies …


  • Summer time 2016 / early Fall 2016: Test batch – curate small batch of designers to come up with what would promote voting by registration deadline for November election … (federal cards only)
  • First state/local cards released summer 2017

Team members needed / suggested

  • 4 Co-chairs (East, West, North, South)
  • Representatives from each chapter interested (not on the board)

Cost estimate / resources needed

Print Sponsorship (MOO would be ideal)

Tool Advisor

Frances Yllana, Dallas: frances@aigadfw.org


Kinda like this:


Example via: http://hughsonhighamericangovt.weebly.com/how-a-bill-becomes-a-law.html