Rally Derby // GOTV, Punk

Punk is political. This non-partisan event model rallies voter engagement around the idea of civic advocacy and being involved or have influence on the powers (fight them!) that rule/determine our every day lives. The ideal is to create an underground-like swell of voter engagement among the non-conformist communities.


Politics, and the stress of the issues in the news (or not in the news) can tick people off. Rally Derby* allows people to get together, watch a derby match (and maybe a fight) which can help alleviate / channel the stress of the election. And it also encourages voting, in all the elections, not just the presidential ones.

*If you can’t find a roller derby, you can just make this a music-driven poster show.

Rough ideas/suggestions:

  • Find an underground venue / roller-derby
  • Use venue walls to show more grungy, punk-like posters :: GOTV, Punk Posters
  • Sub-call-for-posters :: a sub-genre of the main poster contest in the style of  Fugazi, Sex Pistols, TCQ, NWA …
  • Add a zine table / t-shirts / buttons / stickers …
  • Have a punk band and a hip hop band play outside/inside

Rough Timeline : 

  • 6 weeks from start to finish minimum // ideally 8 weeks planning
  • 6-4 weeks prior : Select and confirm venue // call for specific entries (or curate it with select designers/creatives) / contact and confirm performers
  • 4 weeks prior, set up event – announce on social, web, email blast, etc. – add names of curated artists / designers
  • 2 weeks prior : confirm, walk through …

Team members needed / suggested

  • 2 event leads/co-chairs
  • Call for posters coordinator
  • Volunteer coordinator
  • Promos/chachkies (zines, t-shirts, buttons, etc)
  • Communications / art

Cost estimate / resources needed

  • Printing donation
  • Venue donation
  • Food and drink sponsored

Tool Advisor

Frances Yllana, Dallas : frances@aigadfw.org