Partner with elementary schools to bring the discussion about civic participation and creative problem solving to young students who don’t care/know about the meh part of voting (politics), by focusing on the importance of having a voice and expressing their opinion.


The ideal model will target elementary schools and encourage the students’ interest in the why’s of voting and civic responsibility so when they get the right to vote, they do it. We want this to result in a rise of young citizens with the “I’ve voted since I was able to vote … it’s never been a question” … they frame the conversation around why they and their peers and parents should vote.

  • Establish criteria for lesson-planning to bring to elementary schools …
  • Could be part of an after-school program or integrate Art and Social Studies classes *if it’s done during the school year
  • Ask young kids in why they should vote / why do their parents vote? …
  • Help them come up with their own posters … (board member(s) visit once every other week to help guide them …
  • Poster show/exhibit engages the community
  • Bonus: create a new generation of designers and problem solvers.

Rough Timeline : 

  • By mid summer, need to have approval within individual schools
  • September : host a Saturday workshop / briefing with teachers
  • AIGA board meets with students once in September, twice in October … to guide them through making the posters (glue, tape, markers, poster board …)

Team members needed / suggested

  • 2 event leads/co-chairs
  • School district liaison/sponsor
  • Volunteer/mentor coordinator
  • Communications / art

Cost estimate / resources needed

Tool Advisor

Frances Yllana, Dallas: