USA/UX … or UX/A! UX/A!

Engage user experience experts to put together a kit to study voters, voter motivation and voter apathy. The kit would ultimately enable street teams and PACs organize to promote/rally their communities to do what’s best for their communities.

Rough Idea:

Engage user experience experts to create a kit that uses UI/UX training/processes to help neighborhood canvas-ers.

  • Simple UI/UX training or strategy-on-budget stakeholder interview how-to’s … like how to ask questions and listen to organize canvasing street teams to ask deeper questions
  • Partner with local candidates and political action committees to organize.
  • Advance awareness of strategic thinking needed that those outside of design discipline are unaware of.
  • Focus in on vocal groups expressing concerns about local issues like infrastructure, neighborhood development, etc. Ask them why they get involved.

Tool Advisor / Idea by

Frances Yllana, Dallas :