Pop-Up Registration Event

Use local spaces that are in high foot traffic areas, currently unoccupied, to host poster shows and registration services.

Detailed Description:

Organize a poster show about the importance of voting, asking local designers, artists, students, and creative leaders to submit.

Find an empty local store front, or public space in a high foot traffic area of town where the show can be open to the public during the day, grassroots organizers can be positioned outside and inside to help people browsing through to register to vote after viewing the show.

The overall feel should feel laid back and pressure free. Using poster displayed outside to draw pedestrians into the space. They can browse the show and register to vote there if they feel inspired to do so.


  • 10 months from election: Call for Entries
  • 8 months from election: Call for Entries ends
  • 6 months from election: Pop-up locations are selected and booked
  • 5 months from election: Promotion materials are designed and distributed.
  • 4 months from election: Pop-ups begin to happen in the community


Tool Advisor / Idea by

Lee Zelenak – lee.zelenak@gmail.com

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