Social Innovation Blitz

Creative Reaction Lab is hosting a 1-hour social innovation blitz addressing the issue of voter apathy.

Detailed Description:

Using the models of design thinking and social innovation, 30-50 community members will be led through ideation and rapid prototyping of solutions to combat the issue of voter apathy. Post-blitz, Creative Reaction Lab will followup with teams to enact rough pilots of select ideas.


September – November 2016

Team members needed / suggested:

Team Lead & Facilitators of design thinking/social innovation models

Cost estimate / resources needed

Prototyping Materials – $100

Tool Advisor / Idea by

Antionette Carroll –

Lessons Learned:

A similar blitz was held to challenge gun violence within the St. Louis region. Lessons learned:  spend less time explaining the process and more time doing, allocate more time to session (unfortunately restricted to 1-hour based on partner & venue, but will have more time in future), expect 3x more attendees than registered (and match supplies), explicitly state followup plan.