Board GOTV Phone Drive

Our goal is to have EVERY AIGA member registered to vote, do your part to make sure everyone in your chapter is registered.

Detailed Description:

  • Replace a board meeting this summer with a fun, get out the vote phone drive. Break up your member list, assigning 20-30 of your chapter members to each board member (or more or less), come up with a script to call each one of your members to find out if they are registered, and if they are not what they need to do to become registered.
  • Make it into a competition, whoever makes the most calls, or leave the most messages, etc.—have a fun prize. Just make sure you are directing people to the correct website or location to register. If you are throwing a registration event in the summer or fall, you can also direct them to your event.



Team members needed / suggested:

Entire chapter board

Cost estimate / resources needed


Tool Advisor / Idea by

Karen Kurycki –